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Saves you $50.00

Bentley’s first SUV does not disappoint. The Bentayga is a leather-filled, luxury machine that can handle any driving condition out there. With the bi-turbo W12 motor under the hood, you will never run out of power; this SUV has a top speed of 187mph and can get you to 60mph in 4.0 seconds.

Again, this is an SUV, but it won’t feel like that with an electrical system that virtually eliminates body roll.

Because it is a Bentley you can expect everything in the interior to be top notch. Forget about cheap plastic pieces in the interiors, Bentley only uses the best leathers, wood, and metals available. When you aren’t looking for your run of the mill SUVs this is the vehicle for you. Treat yourself to this amazing piece of luxury engineering.


Bentley GTC-S

Saves you $60.00

The Continental GTC Speed is a stunning automobile that is guaranteed to get you the attention and the front parking spot no matter where you pull up. A ‘hold on to your hat’ machine, the 592hp twin-turbo V12 lives underneath the hood of this luxury convertible.

The Continental GTC Speed features a stunningly detailed luxury wood-trimmed interior, complete with a Breitling analog chronograph as well as the latest GPS-based navigation system.

The hi-fidelity sound system is second to none and ready for you should you ever get tired of the quiet rumble of this unique cars’ exhaust.

One of the best features of the Continental GTC Speed is the electronically-controlled adjustable suspension system which, at the touch of a button, can vary through ‘comfort mode’, which will make you feel like you’re riding a cloud, to all-out ‘sport mode’, which instantly stiffens up the suspension and gives you performance-handling to match any curve.

The GTC Speed gives you the best of both worlds; exotic performance with high-class luxury.


Lamborghini Urus

Saves you $75.00

A Lamborghini with a 641-hp twin-turbocharged 4.0-liter V-8, and a 0-62mph time of 3.6 seconds. Sounds like they made a new sports car, but did we mention it has a back seat?

This is Lamborghini’s first SUV since the LM002 and they did not disappoint. It is the perfect blend of a family hauler mixed with an unnecessary amount of power and exotic looks.

This truck will not blend in on the road, as the Lamborghini styling cues are evident from the sharp-edged exterior to the fighter jet-like cockpit. Impressive in every aspect, we are even comfortable with this Lamborghini going out in the snow.

This truck is the best way to stand out in a crowd and lets you bring your friends along for the experience.


Mercedes S560

Saves you $20.00

The Mercedes S560 is the flagship sedan for the company and the vehicle where all of Mercedes’ best tech is displayed.

The mid-cycle refresh of the S-Class includes updated exterior styling with redesigned headlights and front bumpers, and beneath that long hood is a more efficient 4.0L turbocharged V8 that puts out 14 more horsepower than the old version.

On the inside, look out for the stunning updated 12-inch display in the dash. Add some upgraded software and we have the best autobahn cruiser yet. As always the S-Class still has the same roomy back seats to accommodate your family or clients, and a massive trunk to haul your luggage along.

In our opinion, the best in German engineering, the S560 is capable and ready for any occasion.


Rolls-Royce Cullinan

Rolls-Royce Cullinan
Saves you $100.00

When it comes to luxury SUVs, Rolls Royce just dropped the hammer. The craftsmanship is top notch, the materials are the best and the ride is exquisite. The Cullinan is named after the largest diamond in the world, and we must say that it is a fitting name. The first all-wheel-drive Rolls Royce has arrived, clearly designed for the wealthy person who is looking to climb mountains or venture out in the next blizzard in style.

Do not let the size intimidate you, the Cullinan has four-wheel steering at low speeds so you can be nimble around the mall parking lot. The 6.75L V12 engine also means there is plenty of get up and go to keep you moving.

The unmistakable grille and ‘Spirit of Ecstasy’ as always dress-up the massive front end of the car so there is absolutely no mistaking what kind of car is it. A true experience, if you are looking for the ultimate in luxury and have no problem with people staring, the Rolls-Royce Cullinan is a must drive.


Rolls-Royce Dawn

Saves you $65.00

When you are looking to make a statement, look no further than the Rolls-Royce Dawn. This is the car that guys in Ferraris are looking to see who’s driving. Other vehicles on the road simply get out of your way when they see the ‘Spirit of Ecstasy’ in their rearview mirror.

Rolls-Royce simply looked at a mega yacht in the water and said: “let’s put that on 4 wheels.” Bumps even remove themselves from the roads for you, or that can just be air ride suspension doing its job.

Sure there is a lot of power with the V12 engine, but who cares about going fast in a Rolls Royce convertible?

Driving the Rolls-Royce Dawn is an experience every time you get behind the wheel. When you are ready for an escape from reality, reach out to Beverly Hills Car Collection for your luxury car rentals.

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