1957 Ford Thunderbird (57 T-Bird)

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The Ford Thunderbird accomplished exactly what Ford does best; it immensely won the hearts of the Americans and forced people into the Ford showrooms so they could see it personally, further encouraging to buy other Ford automobiles. The 57 T bird was the car to own and be seen in. The first generation of the Ford Thunderbird were the two-seater Convertible models manufactured in 1955 and 1957 and were the first 2-seater Ford produced since 1938.

The 1957 Thunderbird featured a reshaped front bumper with enlarged tail fins and grille. The rear had larger taillights fitted in. The spare wheel was moved inside the trunk which was redesigned to be mounted vertically. The signature “Thunderbird” script was a relocated to the front fenders from the fins. A new feature was introduced as the “Dial-o-Matic” 4-way power seats that would adjust rearward for an easier exit and entry once the ignition was turned off. Though known as lightweight for its time and equipped with a standard V8 engine, the Thunderbird contributed more towards the passengers comfort rather than speed, and not directly be stated as a rival to the Corvette or other European automobiles.


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