1969 Pontiac GTO Judge

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We have put on your favorite 1969 Pontiac GTO Judge in our collection at One Stop Classics! You can now rent and make the most of the special moments of your life! The newest GTO was named in its own legacy as, “The Judge,” Pontiac appeared to be stating: “This car has authority, but like the Road Runner and its ilk, it doesn’t take itself too seriously.” Immensely powerful V-8s proved the starting portion of the statement; op-art graphics and vivid primary colors pinned down the rest absolutely!

As initially envisioned, The Judge was supposed to be an econo-muscle Goat, perhaps a pillared coupe available in a single color with rubber floor mats and only the beast-like performance equipment. In the December of 1968, The Judge was not so severely debuted but instead as a $332 option deal for the GTO hardtop or the Convertible. But it also included a couple of features that had an overall greater cost when ordered separately.


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